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PRINT WARS: Floral vs Tribal!!

Walking down any street in the UK this year, it would be near impossible to ignore the struggle for pole position between two very different fashion clans: Floral versus Ethnic.  In my eyes, two print styles couldn’t be more different; the delicate watercolour hues of wildflowers are smattered with soft edges, light materials and feminine cuts; the ethnic designs are often simple yet bold shapes, with coarse woven fabrics and heavy embellishment, a slightly gutsier statement than its competitor. J’adore Tresor sent our lovely intern Anna out into the wilds of London to see how the battle between English country garden and the rugged Nomadic wilds was being fought! Battered and bruised, Anna crawled back through the door laden with tales of the ethnic and floral tribes, and even a few incidents of combinations between the two

Flower Power

Flower Power

Florals are everywhere this summer, looking gorgeous on shirts, trousers, smocks, sunglasses and shoes

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