About Us

Tresor Paris has its roots firmly in Central London’s famous and historic diamond district, Hatton Garden.  The Tresor Paris founders are of a discerning diamond house, with more than a century of combined experience and worldwide connections within the jewellery and luxury goods industry.  The next stage in the evolution of this firm was launched in 2010, when a Parisian inspired crystal collection was introduced. Since that day, its timeless, sophisticated and eye-catching style has been winning over the public all over the globe! From catwalks to charity walks, Tresor Paris are dedicated to bringing these stunning creations to the public.



Iona is a glutton for all things sparkly. Refraining from descending into full blown drag queen, she has limited herself to sparkly knitwear this year.

Nadine is the PR and Marketing executive for Tresor Paris, and is known for her cheeky grin, sharp sense of humour, and seemingly endless streams of multicoloured headscarves!

Rachel is a Marketing intern at Tresor Paris and was drawn to the company for her love of all things sparkly. She can often be found browsing through numerous magazines looking for the latest fashions.