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Marie Curie Cancer Care Daffodil Appeal

Marie Curie Cancer Care Daffodil Appeal

Every March is dedicated to Marie Curie Cancer Care’s Daffodil Appeal. It is hard to miss the many people walking around who have donated to the fantastic cause and are wearing their Daffodil pin. The money raised from this appeal helps the charity nursw terminally ill patients in their final hours.

Marie Curie Cancer Care aims to ensure that everyone with cancer and other illnesses will have the high quality care and support they need at the end of their life in the place of their choice. The charity achieves this through the work of the Marie Curie nurses and hospices. It also carries out research and campaigns to improve the care provided.

Tresor Paris has teamed up with Marie Curie Cancer Care to create a collection of sparkling jewellery that not only looks fantastic, but also helps the amazing cause.


Show your support for the Marie Curie Cancer Care Daffodil Appeal with a glistening yellow crystal heart and black Tibetan-style cording bracelet. Or how about a sparkling pair of yellow crystal heart earrings, a subtle yet beautiful way to show your support for the amazing cause. With 25% of the price going directly to the charity, you can guarantee that your support will make a difference.


For every £1 Marie Curie raises, they spend 70p on their work caring for people with terminal illnesses, 27p to generate future income, 2p on research and innovation and 1p on publicity and governance. So now your know exactly where your donation will be going, what are you waiting for? Click on the following link and do your part to support the Daffodil Appeal.

London Fashion Week Jewellery

As always, London Fashion Week has so far exhibited an eclectic mix of jewellery. From delicate pearl necklaces, to huge dangling earrings, the designers have it all.

Nature has clearly been a huge inspiration this year and animal and insect brooches have been a hit at London Fashion Week, from scarab beetles to frogs and birds. Butterflies also made an appearance in the form of earrings and necklaces.



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Perfect Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Gifts for Her

With Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, choosing the perfect gift for that special lady in your life can be a difficult task. Whether you’re looking for a gift for your girlfriend, mum or daughter, there’s no need to worry – we’re here to help. Take a deep breath and browse our range of glamorous, sparkling Valentine’s gifts for her.

Love-Themed Pieces

Our selection includes several thematic pieces that have been designed especially for Valentine’s Day. These include the heart-shaped Affection Or rose gold-plated necklace, ring and earrings. These eye-catching pieces are all additionally available in white gold-plated silver.



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Christmas Spotlight: The Bellatrix Collection

Named after the third brightest star in the Orion constellation, the Tresor Paris Bellatrix Collection offers a modern fusion of contemporary glamour and vintage-inspired designs. Delicate and detailed, these beautiful pieces are guaranteed to lend a sophisticated edge to any outfit – especially if you’re looking to add a bit of sparkle to your look during the festive season.


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Jungle Boogie – Leopard Print Returns!

leopard queen

Leopard print never really leaves the high street, and it has long been associated with everything tacky and trashy- New Jersey, Essex, and trailer park girls are the style associations the 1990s left us with. But as of Autumn Winter 2013 the proverbial wind has changed, and a Noah’s Ark of tactfully sophisticated designs hit the catwalk with a roar this season. Designers such as DKNY, Diane von Furstenburg, and Burberry have explored several avenues of chic, colourful and contemporary styles to change the reputation of this iconic motif. Continue reading

Stylish Stripes!

Normally reserved for sailors, escaped convicts and Cruella Deville, stripes are back with a vengeance this summer. Big, bold, and packed with colour, texture or monochromatic fabrics, there’s a lot of different ways to blend this trend with your look. It may seem intimidating, but rest assured there is sure to be a stripe for you, and J’adore Tresor is here to help you learn how!

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PRINT WARS: Floral vs Tribal!!

Walking down any street in the UK this year, it would be near impossible to ignore the struggle for pole position between two very different fashion clans: Floral versus Ethnic.  In my eyes, two print styles couldn’t be more different; the delicate watercolour hues of wildflowers are smattered with soft edges, light materials and feminine cuts; the ethnic designs are often simple yet bold shapes, with coarse woven fabrics and heavy embellishment, a slightly gutsier statement than its competitor. J’adore Tresor sent our lovely intern Anna out into the wilds of London to see how the battle between English country garden and the rugged Nomadic wilds was being fought! Battered and bruised, Anna crawled back through the door laden with tales of the ethnic and floral tribes, and even a few incidents of combinations between the two

Flower Power

Flower Power

Florals are everywhere this summer, looking gorgeous on shirts, trousers, smocks, sunglasses and shoes

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