For the Love of Stud!!!


Swamibu London Fashion Week AW13

It all began in Autumn 2012, when the likes of Nicole Kidman and Katy Perry stepped out onthe red carpet wearing studs worked into gorgeously girly and demure outfits, the stud craze has been popping off all over planet fashion, and we at J’adore Tresor are totally sold!  Burberry, Versace, Gucci and most dramatically Christian Louboutin have all developed the super sexy trend in all different directions. This explosion of diversity highlights the schizophrenic nature of the style, all the way from cute ‘n’ cuddly to rough ‘n’ tough!

There are hundreds of different ways that the fashionista following have worn studs over the season, and there is a technique for everyone to get their ideal look, from subtle stud accessories to leather jackets, wedge shoes and trousers, solidly smothered in scary spikes! The Tornade collection from Tresor Paris has proven itself a must have addition to the fabulous fad; toughen up the laciest of dresses with a riotously rose gold-plated bracelet. Or create a glamourous contrast by mixing that scraggly, beat-up old jacket with the white crystal encrusted stud bracelet: it’s unusual and eye-catching, fusing sparkling sophistication with the powerfully punk rock look.#


Mess around with the type of stud you’re wearing; if you want to make an attention-grabbing catwalk statement, slap on the ‘70s style punk spikes for a grunge-glam get-up. For everyday wear a flat studded collar or cuff can make a girly, pastel dress look sultry, adding a touch of sourpuss to a sickly sweet look.


From left:  Nicole Kidman @ Golden Globes ‘12- Modasplendida / Cara Delevigne @ Met Ball ‘13- Amsterdam FTV / Sienna Miller Amsterdam FTV @ Met Ball ‘13

Shoes, clutches, leather jackets, denim, sunglasses, and even the humble woolly hat have all fallen prey to this customization coup; Our favourite celebrities who have been rocking the look are the ever impeccable Sienna Miller and  feisty ‘It Girl’ Cara Delavigne, who both bashed out red carpet sophistication with this super-sharp metallic edge. We’re all head over heels for the ease with which these tyrannical trendsetters have flipped an outcast style into a mainstream look in just a year! J’adore Tresor went out on the high street to see how people are adapting the look to suit their own styles, and we didn’t have to wait long for a ginormous pile of punk glamour to fall into our laps…Check out some of our favourite items here, and tell us how you rock your studs!

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