Frivolous Festival Fashion!

 hippy girls

Harper’s Bazaar June ’13

The countdown to the festival season has begun, and as the clouds of Glastonbury begin to gather together, it’s time to start preparing those show-stopping, sun-worshipping outfits! Since the likes of rock royalty Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Moss and Dita Von Teese pioneered the phrase ‘Glamping’, festival fever has begun to sweep the population on a much wider scale. With a new species of luxury campsites and one-day events popping up nationwide all the time, there’s no excuse not to go down and see your favourite acts play in the sunshine!


To every one of your weird and wonderful festival get ups, there are a few essentials which will make you look like a princess on day three of unwashed hedonism. First and foremost, wellies are essential to ensure you can survive the entire weekend warm and dry, a lightweight raincoat will only use a little space in your bag, and won’t weigh you down while you dance. A stylish hat can cover up your unwashed locks, while a cotton dress with a nice print will dry quickly and disguise all those mud smears and beer stains! Accessories can make all the difference when you are up against the elements for a long weekend, adding layers of bangles, necklaces and bracelets can add personality to a really basic outfit, and make you stand out from the crowd! Bright Earrings will also set you apart from the mucky masses by adding a touch of glamour to festivities.


J’adore Tresor has compiled a load of options for you to make that statement and really style that mud-swept look!  As well as a wide choice of crystal colour bracelets in the ever popular Neptune collection, Tresor Paris’ new Bellatrix range is the ideal interpretation of boho glamour. Easy to mix and match and beautifully simple to layer up, necklaces and bracelets achieve show-stopping individualistic style.  Combine bracelets such as Bachant and Uzan from the Bellatrix collection for this season’s style. The ‘Tchai’ symbol sits fastened by an elegantly beaded cord, a casual piece that contrasts with the gold chain and glittering crystal face of ‘Bachant’.  Something from the Mechelen collection will channel your inner rocker, and will let the crystals catch the sunlight and dazzle all your friends.


We hit Camden Town to see what kind of festies we could spot- Knee high socks, lace tops, Aztec prints, and print dresses were all in abundance! Hit or Miss?

Tresor Paris hit the streets again this week to see what people are wearing in the run up to their favourite festivals. We found the look has left the confines of the countryside moshpit, and become fully integrated into the Nation’s bustling street style! So this is J’adore Tresor saying Peace Out to the festies, and may the mud be with you. Don’t forget to let us know who your favourite street stylee is by commenting below!

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