Glee Star Chats To J’adore Tresor!

Photo courtesy of HeatherWeaver '09

Photo courtesy of HeatherWeaver ’09

J’adore Tresor had an injection of pure musical joy when they met up with the multi talented actor/singer/musician Matthew Morrison to talk about his new studio album! A seasoned musician and performer in his own right, Matt has recently rocketed to global notoriety with the Hit US series Glee where he plays the guiding and inspirational Spanish teacher Will Schuester, who leads the troupe to Broadway glory. We cosied up on a couch with our golden guy at London’s super swish Grosvenor Hotel in London’s West End. The EMMY, TONY, and Golden Globe-nominated star has released his new album this week in the UK, Where It All Began features adaptations of well known Broadway classics, featuring legend Smokey Robinson and released on Adam Levine’s new label. Californian born Morrison described this album as a return to his broadway beginnings; inspired by the likes of Ratpack star Sammy Davis Jr, one of Morrison’s favourite tracks on the album features a reworked medley of West-Side Story songs, that grow from stripped back bongo percussion, to full orchestra in one track!

Photo Courtesy of CapitalM

Photo Courtesy of CapitalM

“It was really great to put my own tapestry on these songs” he remarked, going on to describe how if he could verbalise what makes his tour different from the other performances of these timeless classics, it would be ‘movement’; The live show has been put together so that dance plays a huge part in the performance, and Matt, who has over a decade of Broadway experience under his belt, brings a unique visual accompaniment to these seasoned musical classics.  This multi talented performer recently played a sold-out show at the world famous Bush House, and claims to0 enjoy the cheeky and conversational nature of the British audience; requests for Glee songs and for the removal of his shirt came in equal measure, but Morrison relishes having a dialogue with his audience, and loved the familiarity one receives after starring in a hit TV show, “People feel like they know you” he chuckled.

Matt Morrison is enjoying his time off from the series, “This is the album I’ve always wanted to make, and I am looking forward to sharing the experience with everyone- I’m so excited to be coming back to the UK to showcase my second studio album to my fans.” He is also a massive fan of the UK and visits at least four times a year, “I’m fully immersed in the culture, in all the right ways” he gushed. What a charming dapper man is Mr Morrison!! J’adore Tresor were weak at the knees to meet such a multi-talented, devilishly good looking man from across the pond, and are confident that his contemporary twist on these incredible show tunes will have something for everybody to enjoy, but don’t take my word for it, check out our interview with him on the Tresor Paris YouTube Channel!

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