J’adore Tresor – Up Close And Personal With Diana Vickers!

Gorgeous songstress Diana Vickers has just released a new single, Cinderella, from her second album and J’adore Tresor were on hand to get an exclusive interview!

Diana Vickers

We managed to snap Diana Vickers wearing a Tresor Paris frosted Stainless steel bracelet!

Beautiful and bubbly Diana Vickers first came to our attention in 2009 as an X factor semi finalist. Many singers have found it hard to move on from the talent shows instant fame, but Vickers has eased into a successful singing, acting, and fashion design with swan like grace!

J’adore Tresor caught up with the singer as she promotes the upcoming release of her new album ‘Music to Make Boys Cry’. Diana describes this album as a true labour of love; Diana’s debut album now feels like a girl trying to find her feet, testing the water to discover who she really is; the second album has become a sexy, sleek, confident expression of who she has become, and a celebration of all the stable ground she has lain for herself.

Check out our exclusive interview with the star on the Tresor Paris YouTube channel!

Over the past few years Vickers has bought a house, fallen in love with one George Craig, and generally found her feet in life “When you fall in love you have a kind of spark or magic to you” Diana beamed. It’s no doubt that her new album is full of tongue in cheek coquetry and sexiness. We know that this songstress is far too sweet to make her boy cry, but Tresor Paris wish her all the best for the album, and can’t wait to see what surprises Diana Vickers holds for the future!

Cinderella is already out on Itunes and the video is building up a storm! Check out the video for her new single!


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