Jungle Boogie – Leopard Print Returns!

leopard queen

Leopard print never really leaves the high street, and it has long been associated with everything tacky and trashy- New Jersey, Essex, and trailer park girls are the style associations the 1990s left us with. But as of Autumn Winter 2013 the proverbial wind has changed, and a Noah’s Ark of tactfully sophisticated designs hit the catwalk with a roar this season. Designers such as DKNY, Diane von Furstenburg, and Burberry have explored several avenues of chic, colourful and contemporary styles to change the reputation of this iconic motif.


Re-invented with colour and shape, chunky silhouettes and knitwear have taken the ‘night on the tiles’ feel out of the print, bringing it into the more sombre light of day, succeeding in dispelling some of its trashy Las Vegas Strip edge. We have also seen hints that the larger scale prints are proving more popular at the shows, and J’adore predict it will be the inflated leopard that will stand out as the fashion forward choice over the season. It takes a true Cruella DeVille (or Lady Gaga) to sport head to toe animal print in full fierce force, and most of us would think twice before stepping out rocking an animal print top at all.  But J’adore Tresor are here to help, there are tricks to this trade my dears, so gather round and take note!

streetstyle lepard

Accessories are the simplest and most effective way to add leopard print to your outfit. Tame that wildcat with a scarf or bag that won’t overpower your outfit but will add a touch of feline fancy. Colour has been introduced to animal prints this year with enthusiasm, reds, blues, pinks and even greens have all added an extra dimension to the prints, which have a tendency to be overused and garish in their overused ‘realistic’ colours. This concept however has also been taken to the other extreme; fusing it with this years’ ever popular monochrome style is a predictable but happy outcome of 2013. Monochrome leopard print is simple, smart and stylish. Definitely not referring to anything apart from cutting edge style black and white animal print is a massive improvement to a garish out-dated alternative. Now where do put all this information J’adore has gathered for you? On your legs, of course! Maxi skirts, drainpipes, Capri pants and many others will blend effortlessly with both smart outfits for work, and sexy evening gear. Avoid miniskirts and short shorts unless you want to evoke the spirit of the Spice Girls in their heyday.

Are you a cutie kitty or a terrifying tigress? Send in your comments and examples of your own successes (and failures) of the leopard print trend- We want to hear from you!


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