London Fashion Week Jewellery

As always, London Fashion Week has so far exhibited an eclectic mix of jewellery. From delicate pearl necklaces, to huge dangling earrings, the designers have it all.

Nature has clearly been a huge inspiration this year and animal and insect brooches have been a hit at London Fashion Week, from scarab beetles to frogs and birds. Butterflies also made an appearance in the form of earrings and necklaces.



Flowers have also adorned the catwalks in the form of jewellery, from necklaces to earrings, from brooches to bracelets. The flower motif is clearly a design favourite.


On the other end of the scale is the 90’s favourite; the choker. With numerous catwalks featuring the design, it is clear that chokers are making a comeback! With a variety of colours, materials and patterns on display, they have made an epic return.


Alternatively, the classic pearl has also featured prominently on the catwalks. From layered pearl necklaces, to dangling pearl earrings, the classic lives on.


Chunky layered designs have also proved to be a huge hit on the catwalks, with mismatched bracelets and multiple necklaces often making appearances.


Finally, huge statement pieces are taking London Fashion Week by storm. From beading to chunky gold, anything goes as long as it is big!


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