Stylish Stripes!

Normally reserved for sailors, escaped convicts and Cruella Deville, stripes are back with a vengeance this summer. Big, bold, and packed with colour, texture or monochromatic fabrics, there’s a lot of different ways to blend this trend with your look. It may seem intimidating, but rest assured there is sure to be a stripe for you, and J’adore Tresor is here to help you learn how!

stripey 2

Horizontal, Vertical, Pinstripe, Curved on Chevron, there are a thousand different cuts ad patterns that emerged on the SS13 catwalk. Combining stripes has often been considered risky but there are a sprinkling on designs this season that show you how to work it, the secret is to get very different sized stripes, so that the whole look doesn’t appear too forced. Combining horizontal and vertical print is also a smart, 1960s-inspired way of fusing stripes. Large stripes, particularly black and white, are a central part of this season’s style, although the fear of looking like a medieval tent is always present. Endless celebrities have been spotted with statement stripes and monochrome is a clever way of looking smart regardless of the cut of your outfit, minimal accessories, let these bold stripes speak for themselves. If you would rather not make a statement, finer stripes can tone down the effect. There are some beautiful prints that incorporate small stripes into outfits, sometimes by using geometric patterns, florals or contrasting textures. If you like a splash of colour in your world, you can get a huge range of intense to pastel colours on the high street, which echoes that Sixties aesthetic and looks great with dark eye make-up.


Stripes aren’t just for clothing, there is a plethora of accessories that you can mix and match to bring a neutral style to life. Tresor Paris have a beautiful range of striped bracelets and necklaces from their increasingly popular Neptune Collection, coordinate your look with the matching earrings and you will be absolutely on point for this trend! Sunglasses, hats, shoes or bags can also elevate your look with a timeless print that looks effortlessly cool!

We sent our beautiful intern Anna out again on to the highstreets of London (in between tropical downpours) to see what the Capital’s interpretations of this new trend.

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