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Breast Cancer Awareness Month – Get involved!!

Tresor Paris have been loyal supporters of Breast Cancer Care for two years, and none of it would have been possible without the continuous support of their loyal customers. The successful designer jewelers have explored a range of different avenues in an effort to drum up support- from fundraising events and auctions, to launching a range of BCC branded jewellery for the charity, and even making a crystal encrusted bra for one enthusiastic sponsored walker!IMG_3559

Tresor Paris  announce the release of six new cutting edge designs in partnership with the charity Breast Cancer Care. This union of enterprises has proven to be highly successful for both parties, and Tresor Paris are happy to announce that together they have raised over £70,000 to date!  The new range, designed to rake in more profits for the charity includes two beautiful and delicate necklaces, two diamante charms which are perfect for adding to bracelets, handbags and phone cases, a set of earrings and a phone charm, which is the perfect accessory for any mobile. The Breast Cancer Care collection donates a quarter of the total of each jewellery sale, so our customers are confident that they are making a real difference with every purchase.


This is all due to the commitment of both parties: BCC has promoted the Tresor Paris jewellery tirelessly, and in return Tresor Paris makes sure that the designs are attractive, contemporary and desirable. The beautiful designs are what keeps the customer interested, and allows for such an impressive total to be achieved from the 25% from each sale donated to BCC. The new additions to the collection all display the iconic pink ribbon, each decorated with delicate pink and white crystals these charms, earrings and pendants will dazzle you with their enticing sparkle!


Breast Cancer is one of the most prolific forms of the disease, and it affects over 50,000 people a year in the UK alone. To date there is no definite cure, but the funds raised through efforts like these provide invaluable support, research, advice and information for those who have been affected by the illness.


Tresor Paris believes it is important to give back to the community that supports it, and have worked with a wide range of charities over the years to do just that. Working with BCC has been a very rewarding experience for both sides, and it is an honour to witness the improvements made with the money raised from the jewellery campaign. Tresor Paris looks forward to many more years of collaboration for this great cause!


So come on, do something for this amazing cause! It couldn’t be easier as you can now order these beautiful pieces online at www.tresorparis.com .