Tresor Paris Blossoms at the Jewellery & Watch Birmingham 2014

Last week, the Tresor Paris team headed to Birmingham for the International Jewellery and Watch exhibition as part of the Spring Fair.


As always, Tresor Paris sparkled with an exquisite and truly impressive stand, featuring a show-stopping replica of the Eiffel Tower as the centre piece. It was of course one of the biggest stands at the whole show, and it was most definitely the busiest.

Visitors flocked to the Parisian inspired stand to admire the fabulous collection of jewellery on display. With the new crystal collection, including the Hearts and Arrows jewellery which showcase a special cut to ensure a fantastic sparkle, the Iris collection of diamonds and the Nouveau Hexagone collections on display, there was plenty to admire.


Under the shadow of the Eiffel Tower, there was a chocolate fountain that kept everyone smiling and content whilst they were browsing Tresor Paris’ latest collections, as well as a bar stocked full of soft drinks.


One of the highlights was definitely the catwalk show, choreographed by Live Production. Featuring two of Nouveau Hexagone collection watches which are yet to be released to the press and public. As well as the Noblesse earrings from the Pegasus collection, the Eclat Argent and the Eclat Rose rings from the Bellatrix collection, a beautiful flower ring from the Pegasus collection and a stunning Renainssane Tandem Rose bracelet. However, it was the bespoke 1920’s inspired Gloriole shoulder piece that stole the show.


What do you think of the beautiful shoulder piece? How would you wear it?

Have a look at the Tresor Paris Instagram for more pictures and a video of the Spring Fair!

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