Wednesday Worship – Miley Cyrus

My my! We have been basking away in the glorious heat that has hit London and we are LOVING it! Fear not, J’adore Tresor haven’t been abandoning you, we’ve been musing over who our next gorgeous Wednesday Worship would be. This time we have gone for the lady who has had the biggest style revolution in recent years, Miley Cyrus!



Now, we know what you are thinking… Miley, really?! But we have become Miley converts here at J’adore Tresor!

Long gone are the days of Hannah Montana super sweetness and Miley’s coming of age has brought with it more of an affinity with Nicki Minaj than with any Disney Princess we’ve ever seen. In fact Minaj told E! News that ”I can tell now Miley is really developing into her own self,” adding, “I love her twerking moments. That’s what is all about being an artist.”

Well we love her twerking moments too and it’s part of the reason why she is this weeks wednesday worship!

Check out Miley’s newest video here!

Miley seems to be embracing the rock chick look and pushing the boundaries of her personal style which makes it impossible not to to be interested. There’s nothing more tantalising than watching a celeb figure out their personal style, under the watchful eye of the media, and we have to say that Miley seems to be doing everything right. Her management team, speaking to the Hollywood Reporter, said: “Miley is doing it now organically. There’s no such thing as ‘Ok, let’s figure out a plan for growing up.’ It doesn’t work. The public sees through it in two seconds and every artist who’s tried to do it has failed.”
We dont think Miley is even close to failing, from risqué levels of flesh on show to the full embracing of leather for any weather, the best thing about Miley’s style is that she doesn’t seem to care what anyone thinks.

MC1Surely that’s an attitude we could all do with having and it seems to be working for Miley – in every photo we see of her she is grinning from ear to ear looking like she is having the time of her life!



Miley is shooting up the charts at record speed across the Atlantic with her edgy come back single ‘We Can’t Stop’ which is released in the UK on August 4, and she is due a trip in London very soon.

Miley, we salute you and your ability to wear whatever you want to!



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