Wednesday Worship: Nigella Lawson


Nigella Lucy Lawson is a British food writerjournalist and broadcaster, and my no means just a pretty face. Hailing from a prestigious background (her father Nigel was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Thatcher) and Oxford educated, Lawson began her media career reviewing books as a freelance. During the 1980s she became the deputy literary editor of the Sunday Times and began her journey down the culinary path as a restaurant critic. By 1999 she hosted her very own alluring cooking series, Nigella Bites for Channel 4. The series was immediately a smash hit and won her Guild of food Writers Award for the accompanying book of the series.


After wavering slightly with a daytime chat show on ITV, Lawson went on to host the famous Nigella Bites series for the Food Network in the US, followed by a three-part BBC series Nigella’s Christmas Kitchen back in the UK. Today she has launched a cookware range, Living Kitchen, which has a value of £7 million and sold an incredible 3 million cookbooks worldwide, making her one of the planet’s most successful, not to mention sexy celebrity food writers!

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Renowned for her flirtatious manner of presenting, Lawson has been called the “queen of food porn“. She is neither a trained chef nor cook, and has assumed a distinctly relaxed approach to her cooking. Lawson has been cooking with her mother since childhood, and her intimate companionable style in the kitchen transfers to the feel of the television programmes.  She once said “I think cooking should be about fun and family. … I think part of my appeal is that my approach to cooking is really relaxed and not rigid. There are no rules in my kitchen” An aspiration for many casual cookers, and an attraction to men the world over, is Nigella the perfect woman?

In terms of style Nigella is addicted to pink, purple, and black. Flattering her chocolate hair, flawless milky skin, and voluptuous curves her V-neck tops and tight pencil skirts have captured the senses on the Nation! We at J’adore Tresor are all salivating just at the thought of one of her famous sticky chocolate gateaux, wishing her all the best in her newly single adventures. (You’re better off without smelly old Saatchi anyway!)


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